Henry T Chen

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Opportunistic yeast pathogens may switch from harmless commensal to pathogenic relationships with the host under different conditions. They usually cause superficial infections, but may be the agents of more significant infections in immunocompromised patients. To investigate yeast colonization in the oral cavities of clinically healthy individuals, we(More)
Developmental changes and sexual differences in the lactotrope population were studied with a reverse hemolytic plaque assay for detection and measurement of PRL secretion from individual cells in conjunction with PRL immunocytochemistry (ICC). Pituitary glands from both sexes at different ages were monodispersed with 0.1% trypsin. Freshly dispersed cells(More)
  • H T Chen
  • 1988
In the present study both the reverse hemolytic plaque assay for detecting luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion from single cells and LH immunocytochemistry (ICC) were applied to conduct quantitative studies on sexual differences in the gonadotrope population during postnatal development. Pituitary glands from both sexes at different ages were monodispersed(More)
The long-term in vivo effect of diethylstilbestrol (DES) on the expression of a cell-surface antigen associated with the anterior pituitary somatotroph was studied in two strains of female rats using double immunofluorescence techniques. Mab WHC-1, a recently generated and characterized monoclonal antibody, was used to detect the antigen associated with(More)
Dihydroergocryptine (DHE), a potent dopamine agonist and alpha-adrenergic antagonist, has been used as a radioligand to characterize both dopamine and alpha-adrenergic receptors. In the present study, the binding of [3H]DHE to particulate fractions of the steer stalk median eminence was characterized using a filtration assay. Specific binding was defined by(More)