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We have used the wavelet transform to evaluate the time-frequency content of laser-Doppler flowmetry (LDF) signals measured simultaneously on the surfaces of free microvascular flaps deprived of sympathetic nerve activity (SNA), and on adjacent intact skin, in humans. It was thereby possible to determine the frequency interval within which SNA manifests(More)
The association between low-back pain (LBP) and pregnancy and gynecologic factors was investigated in a retrospective cross-sectional study of 1,760 38- to 64-year-old women. The life-time incidence of LBP was 66% (incidence group) and the prevalence 35% (prevalence group). Eighty-six percent of the women had been pregnant, and 24% had suffered from LBP(More)
UNLABELLED DEFINITION AND CLINICAL PICTURE: We propose the minimal definition of Dercum's disease to be generalised overweight or obesity in combination with painful adipose tissue. The associated symptoms in Dercum's disease include fatty deposits, easy bruisability, sleep disturbances, impaired memory, depression, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, rapid(More)
Haemodynamic changes after smoking two 1.1 mg nicotine cigarettes were monitored in 24 smokers on two different occasions. Smoking caused an increase in heart rate and arterial blood pressure, whereas finger temperature as measured by thermography and finger skin blood flow as measured by laser-Doppler flowmetry (LDF) decreased. Lowest values were seen(More)
The properties of the electron and photon beams from a 22 MeV clinical microton are presented. Favourable isodose distributions for radiation therapy are obtained for both modalities. For the electron beam this is accomplished using a dual scattering foil system in which the secondary foil is shaped to optimize uniformity and minimize energy loss and energy(More)
Arm lymphedema after breast cancer therapy has been treated with various forms of conservative and surgical treatment during recent years. The clinical results usually have been modest or, in some instances, even disappointing. In a previous series of patients treated with the new liposuction technique combined with controlled compression therapy, we found,(More)
In a prospective study, 20 patients with arm lymphedema after breast cancer treatment underwent liposuction combined with Controlled Compression Therapy (CCT) or CCT alone. Indirect lymphoscintigraphy (ILS) was used to study lymph kinetics before and after intervention. Lymphoscintigrams from the contralateral, non-edematous arm were characterized by prompt(More)
Healthy non-smoking volunteers participated in two experimental studies in which the circulatory changes induced by transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) were quantified by two different methods. In experimental series 1 (intact skin), nine volunteers were given TENS on the left lower leg for 60 minutes on three occasions at different frequencies each(More)
A randomised sample of 940, 40 to 47 year old, men were asked to participate in an investigation where low back pain (LBP) was studied. 716 men (76%) were personally investigated and information concerning the remaining men was received from the Swedish National Health Insurance Office. The life time incidence of LBP was 61%, the prevalence 31%. 40% of the(More)
The association between low-back pain (LBP) and different work factors was investigated in a retrospective cross-sectional study of a random sample of 1,760 38- to 64-year-old women. The life-time incidence of LBP was 66% and the prevalence was 35%. In a univariate analysis, eight work variables correlated to LBP viz. more forward bending, more lifting,(More)