Henry Sun Sien Ho

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purposes of this investigation were to determine the effect of five commonly used voltage waveforms (four pulsed and one sinusoidal) on excitation of sensory and motor nerves and to characterize variables associated with reaching threshold. SUBJECTS Eighteen healthy subjects were stimulated during one session via surface(More)
Ultrasound is a universal guidance tool for many medical procedures, whereas it is of poor image quality and resolution. Merging high-contrast image information from other image modalities enhances the guidance capability of ultrasound. However, few registration methods work well for it. In this paper we present a surface-to-image registration technique for(More)
BACKGROUND We introduce the first robotic ultrasound-guided prostate intervention device and evaluate its safety, accuracy and repeatability. METHODS The robotic positioning system (RPS) determines a target's x, y and z axes. It is situated with a biplane ultrasound probe on a mobile horizontal platform. The integrated software acquires ultrasound images(More)
Recent data have implicated the size of surface electrodes as an important factor affecting peripheral nerve excitation. Therefore, we studied the effects of electrode size on the basic excitatory responses and on stimulus characteristics. Four different sizes of self-adhesive surface electrodes were applied over the medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscle(More)
PURPOSE There is a need for methods which enable precise correlation of histologic sections with in vivo prostate images. Such methods would allow direct comparison between imaging features and functional or histopathological heterogeneity of tumors. Correlation would be particularly useful for validating the accuracy of imaging modalities, developing(More)
  • Gil R, Krystal J, Baldwin Rm, Seibyl Jp, M Bowers, Dyck Van +46 others
  • 2007
(2002): A prospective 2-year follow-up study of neurocognitive functioning in patients with first-episode schizophrenia.(2005): A double-blind controlled study of adjunctive treatment with risperidone in schizophrenic patients partially responsive to clozapine: efficacy and safety. Negative signs and symptoms secondary to antipsychotics: a double-blind,(More)
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