Henry Shu

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BACKGROUND Given the large number of genes purported to be prognostic for breast cancer, it would be optimal if the genes identified are not confounded by the continuously changing systemic therapies. The aim of this study was to discover and validate a breast cancer prognostic expression signature for distant metastasis in untreated, early stage, lymph(More)
When people gather for a group photo, they are together for a social reason. Past work has shown that these social relationships affect how people position themselves in a group photograph. We propose classifying the type of group photo based on the spatial arrangement and the predicted attributes of the faces in the image. We propose a matching algorithm(More)
In many practical applications, multiple interrelated tasks must be accomplished in sequential order through user interactions with multiple retrieval, classification and recommendation systems. The ordering of the tasks may have a significant impact on the overall utility (or performance); hence optimal ordering of tasks is desirable. However, manual(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of automatic landmark image recognition. Specifically, we identify a fundamental issue that lurks in such applications as modern landmark recognition that arises as a natural consequence of a current state-of-the-art techinque, namely one-versus-all SVM. Then, we provide a unary classification approach that retains(More)
We propose a novel method for the problem of target retrieval for wide area video surveillance (WAVS). Different from previous methods, our algorithm does not require environment model construction nor the learning or usage of any transition probabilities. Furthermore, our method can be applied to an arbitrarily large area for surveillance. The essence of(More)
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