Henry S. Thompson

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In Linked Data, the use of owl:sameAs is ubiquitous in interlinking data-sets. There is however, ongoing discussion about its use, and potential misuse, particularly with regards to interactions with inference. In fact, owl:sameAs can be viewed as encoding only one point on a scale of similarity, one that is often too strong for many of its current uses. We(More)
The search for entities is the most common search type on the web beside navigational searches. Whereas most common search techniques are based on the textual descriptions of web pages, semantic search approaches exploit the increasing amount of structured data on the Web in the form of annotations to web-pages and Linked Data. In many technologies, this(More)
GUS is the first o f a series o f experimental computer systems that we intend to construct as part o f a program of research on language understanding. In large measure, these systems will fill the role o f periodic progress reports, summarizing what we have learned, assessing the mutual coherence o f the various lines o f investigation we have been(More)
The primary problem confronting any new kind of search task is how to boot-strap a reliable and repeatable evaluation campaign, and a crowd-sourcing approach provides many advantages. However, can these crowd-sourced evaluations be repeated over long periods of time in a reliable manner? To demonstrate, we investigate creating an evaluation campaign for the(More)
This paper describes the lt nsl system (McKelvie et al, 1996), an architecture for writing corpus processing tools. This system is then compared with two other systems which address similar issues, the GATE system (Cunningham et al, 1995) and the IMS Corpus Workbench (Christ, 1994). In particular we address the advantages and disadvantages of an sgml(More)
One of the most attractive properties of the active chart parsing methodology (Kay 1980; Thompson and Ritchie 1983) is the distinction it makes possible between essential bookkeeping mechanisms, scheduling issues, and details of grammatical formalisms. MCHART is a framework within which active chart parsing systems can be constructed. It provides the(More)
Two new pars ing a lgor i thms for context-free phrase s t ruc ture grammars are presented which perform a bounded amount of processing per word per analysis path, independently of sentence length. They are thus capable of parsing in real-time in a parallel implementat ion which forks processors in response to non-deterministic choice points. 0.(More)
The original motivation for the work reported here is the desire to improve the situation with respect to the evaluation of the performance of computer systems which produce natural language text. At the moment there are few if any concrete proposals for appropriate metrics or methodologies. The domain chosen to explore a possible solution to this problem(More)
The oral administration of CII by gavage to WA/KIR rats before a conventional arthritogenic challenge with bovine CII in FIA reduced the incidence (by 23%) and delayed the onset of collagen-induced arthritis in about 50% of the animals. Selective changes in B cell and T cell responses to CII in animals treated this way are interpreted to indicate a state of(More)