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Administration of growth hormone (GH) increases muscle mass in F344 x BN rats, but not in Sprague-Dawley (S-D) rats. S-D rats are insulin-resistant and insulin responsiveness is required for the anabolic actions of GH. We hypothesized that correction of insulin resistance with metformin might also restore anabolic effects of GH. Treatment with GH (0.25 or(More)
One quarter of HIV cases occur in women ages 15-44 years. We investigated preferential HIV prevention message mediums among college women (18-21 years of age) and their association with parent and partner communication. A nonexperimental cross-sectional survey assessed factors associated with parent and partner communication among 626 single female students(More)
HIV prevention interventions can help college students engage in safe sexual behaviors. We used the Information, Motivation, Behavioral Skills model to frame four focus group discussions with Black women (n = 32) attending a historically Black college/university or a traditional university to understand their HIV prevention needs. Participants wanted clear(More)
Media messages can facilitate the delivery of accurate information related to HIV and sexually transmitted infection. This study's purpose was to examine preexisting media campaigns from the iMPPACS study to assess age-, gender-, and culturally appropriate components identified by African American females who attend historically Black colleges/universities.(More)
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