Henry Rabinowitz

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No one likes to wait long when the telephone is out of order. Maintaining customer telephones is a significant problem for telephone operating companies because delays in fixing troubles mean dissatisfied customers. Moreover, the high costs of maintenance adversely affect the profits of the telephone companies. Within NYNEX (a regional Bell operating(More)
Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase (LAP) activity in peripheral blood was determined in 54 patients with cerebrovascular disease (CVD), 11 patients with primary brain tumor, and 23 patients with metastatic brain tumor. The LAP score of the primary brain tumor patients (155 +/- 40) was significantly higher (P less than 0.03) than the LAP score for(More)
BACKGROUND Medical decisions previously made by physicians and patients are increasingly influenced by health plans. It is important to understand how these decisions are made and who makes them. OBJECTIVES To determine protocols used by health plans for recommending preventive services and to identify methods used to develop these protocols. METHODS An(More)
Liver biopsies from 4 baboons taken during 15 months of iron-polymaltose injections, were compared with specimens from 2 controls. A morphometric method was used to assess ferritin concentration in various cells. Initially, ferritin and siderosomes were conspicuous in reticuloendothelial cells but rare in hepatocytes. Unusual findings included intranuclear(More)
In the 1988 issue of this Journal, in the article: "Aging: Causes and control," 17 aging theories were presented. Those theories are now amplified, and an additional 7 theories are considered. Utilizing concepts from these theories, a unified theory of aging is then presented.
This study reexamined the 1 mg and 2 mg DST in endogenous depression. Two groups of depressives were evaluated during illness and shortly after clinical recovery; one group with the 2 mg DST (N = 29) and another with the 1 mg DST (N = 16). The 2 mg DST was found to be a reliable state marker: all nonsuppressors during illness (N = 9) became suppressors(More)