Henry R. Wilman

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Helix kinks are a common feature of α-helical membrane proteins, but are thought to be rare in soluble proteins. In this study we find that kinks are a feature of long α-helices in both soluble and membrane proteins, rather than just transmembrane α-helices. The apparent rarity of kinks in soluble proteins is due to the relative infrequency of long helices(More)
Kinks are functionally important structural features found in the α-helices of proteins. Structurally, they are points at which a helix abruptly changes direction. Current kink definition and identification methods often disagree with one another. Here we describe a crowdsourcing approach to obtain a reliable gold standard set of kinks. Using an online(More)
Kinks are a structural feature of alpha-helices and many are known to have functional roles. Kinks have previously tended to be defined in a binary fashion. In this paper we have deliberately moved towards defining them on a continuum, which given the unimodal distribution of kink angles is a better description. From this perspective, we examine the(More)
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