Henry Oinas-Kukkonen

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Douglas Engelbart's achievements are widely acknowledged, but Engelbart's background is not nearly so well known. This article, in exploring the connections between Vannevar Bush and Engelbart on hypertext's concept and implementation, argues that the history of hypertext and hypermedia systems (largely assumed to be correct) misreads the relationship(More)
This paper discusses the internationalization of software business in the Oulu region. Despite its small size, the region grew rapidly and very successfully into a global information and communication technology business center. The University of Oulu, which was the northern most university in the world at the time of its establishment (1958) had a strong(More)
The region of Oulu has been emphasizing the importance of electronics industry for its business growth since the 1960s. After a pitch-dark recession, the region developed in the 1990s into a new, well-established hub of information and communication technology (ICT) in Finland. The city with its 100,000 inhabitants occupied nearly 10,000 ICT professionals(More)
Growing attention has recently been devoted to studying information systems by utilizing research approaches from History. IS history has come to stay in the arsenal of IS research methodologies. Our team of academics from both history and information systems recognize and discuss what is good historical research and contribute into this very scientific(More)
The relevance and need of proper scientific methods in the research of computer science history was debated in the closing session of HiNC2 (Turku, August 2007). This text extracts a classification of research approaches and methods from HiNC1 and HiNC2 papers and offers a classification of computer science history to help understand the various research(More)
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