Henry O. Nyongesa

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This paper presents an investigation into the classification of a difficult data set containing large intra-class variability but low inter-class variability. Standard classifiers are weak and fail to achieve satisfactory results however, it is proposed that a combination of such weak classifiers can improve overall performance. The paper also introduces a(More)
Recent technological advances in wireless communications and wireless sensor networks have enabled the design of low-cost, intelligent, tiny, and lightweight medical sensor nodes that can be strategically placed on human body, create a wireless body area network (WBAN) to monitor various physiological vital signs for a long period of time and providing(More)
As the volume and variety of information sources continues to grow, there is increasing difficulty with respect to obtaining information that accurately matches user information needs. A number of factors affect information retrieval effectiveness (the accuracy of matching user information needs against the retrieved information). First, users often do not(More)
Time-series of satellite images reveal important information about changes in 9 environmental conditions and natural or urban landscape structures that are of potential interest to 10 citizens, historians, or policymakers. We applied a fast method of image analysis using Self 11 Organized Maps (SOM) and, more specifically, the quantization error (QE), for(More)
INTRODUCTION There have been worries concerning the preparedness and capacity of the counties to take over health care services. As the current medical students are going into this new system, we sought their opinions on the issue of devolution. The objective is to assess beliefs and attitudes of medical students towards devolution of healthcare services.(More)
Integrated Health Information System through Mobile Telephony (IHISM) is a project carried out by Computer Science department at the University of Botswana. The main objective of the research project is to develop an integrated healthcare information service which will provide access to a variety of HIV AND AIDS related information for different users. The(More)
This paper reports on studies to overcome difficulties associated with setting the learning rates of backpropagation neural networks by using fuzzy logic. Building on previous research, a fuzzy control system is designed which is capable of dynamically adjusting the individual learning rates of both hidden and output neurons, and the momentum term within a(More)