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The Structuring of Organizations
This [reading] argues that […] spans of control, types of formalization and decentralization, planning systems, and matrix structures should not be picked and chosen independently, the way a shopper
Patterns in Strategy Formation
  • Henry Mintzberg
  • Psychology
    International Studies of Management &amp…
  • 1 May 1978
The literature on strategy formation is in large part theoretical but not empirical, and the usual definition of “strategy” encourages the notion that strategies, as we recognize them ex post facto,
The structuring of organizations : a synthesis of the research
Synthesizes the empirical literature on organizationalstructuring to answer the question of how organizations structure themselves --how they resolve needed coordination and division of labor.
Of strategies, deliberate and emergent
It is argued that the strategy formation process is seriously limited, and that the process needs to be viewed from a wider perspective so that the variety of ways in which strategies actually take shape can be considered.
Structure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations
1. Foundations of Organization Design. 2. Designing Individual Positions. 3. Designing the Superstructure. 4. Fleshing Out the Superstructure. 5. Untangling Decentralization. 6. Fitting Design to
The Nature of Managerial Work
  • Henry Mintzberg
  • Business
    Operational Research Quarterly (-1977)
  • 1 September 1974
1. Introduction. 2. Contemporary Views of the Manager's Job. 3. Some Distinguishing Characteristics of Managerial Work. 4. The Manager's Working Roles. 5. Variations in Managers' Work. 6. Science and
The Structure of "Unstructured" Decision Processes
Henry Mintzberg, Duru Raisinghani, and Andre Theoret A field study of 25 strategic decision processes, together with a review of the related empirical literature, suggests that a basic structure
The rise and fall of strategic planning
Acknowlegdements xv A Note to the Reader xvii Introduction: The "Planning School" in Context 1 1.Planning and Strategy 5 2.Models of the Strategic Planning Process 35 3. Evidence on Planning 91 4.
The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning
When strategic planning arrived on the scene in the mid-1960s, corporate leaders embraced it as “the one best way” to devise and implement strategies that would enhance the competitiveness of each
Strategy safari : a guided tour through the wilds of strategic management
"Strategy Safari," the international bestseller on business strategy by leading management thinker Henry Mintzberg and his colleagues Bruce Ahlstrand and Joseph Lampel, is widely considered a classic