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—With the advent of new technologies, robotic surveying systems are being developed to facilitate the collection of ground-based information to validate and complement data collected by traditional and satellite-based instruments. The development of such systems necessitates an accurate set of reference data. Given the limitations of current in situ(More)
Neural recording and stimulation have great clinical potential. Long-term neural recording remains a challenge, however, as implantable electrodes eventually fail due to the adverse effects of the host tissue response to the indwelling implant. Astrocytes and microglia attempt to engulf the electrode, increasing the electrical impedance between the(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this paper is to create a large wireless powering arena for powering small devices implanted in freely behaving rodents. METHODS We design a cavity resonator based wireless power transfer (WPT) system and utilize our previously developed optimal impedance matching methodology to achieve effective WPT performance for operating(More)
OBJECTIVE A significant challenge in rehabilitating upper-limb amputees with sophisticated, electric-powered prostheses is sourcing reliable and independent channels of motor control information sufficient to precisely direct multiple degrees of freedom simultaneously. APPROACH In response to the expressed needs of clinicians, we have developed a(More)
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