Henry McLoughlin

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The integration of formal methods into the undergraduate curriculum has been slow considering the benefits they offer. One reason for this is that the limited number of relevant textbooks, although excellent, are rather terse. As a result, we have developed various techniques for teaching formal programming in which each step is fully justified by appealing(More)
Encapsulated nerve endings in the hairy skin of mice were identified by means of cholinesterase histochemistry. They were especially numerous in the dorsal skin of the ear and where totals ranged from 150 to 597; clustering of corpuscles was an obvious feature. The use of silver impregnation as a counterstain revealed that clusters comprised one or more(More)
The suggested association between high consumption of beer and an increased risk of death from cancer of the colon and rectum was investigated among blue-collar workers at a Dublin brewery, who consume more than average amounts of beer, usually in the form of stout. A study of their mortality between 1954 and 1973 showed that they had as good an expectation(More)
Assessment of the significance of isolation of Aspergillus sp. from respiratory culture in patients who are not neutropenic is a continuing problem in respiratory medicine. In recent years a number of criteria for defining patients with invasive or chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in this group have been proposed. This study sought to assess the value of(More)
We consider some simple optimisation problems and employ a non-traditional method to solve them. We try to model both the problem and solution domains as algebraic structures, attempting to characterise the join operations on these domains. In each of the examples chosen, these structures turn out to be monoids and we make use of the homomorphisms between(More)
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