Henry Mathews

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In-patient admission represents a failure of a day care service. The hospital records of 105 patients transferred from the day ward to the in-patient wards were studied retrospectively. Of 2,039 patients treated in the day care ward, 105 (5%) required in-patient admission over a 12 month period. Of these 105 admissions, 17% did not fulfil the criteria for(More)
Evaluating the risk of shedding of replication competent recombinant lentiviral particles by rodents infected with the third generation lentiviral vector system is an industry challenge. The paper by Karlen et al. (pages 93-99) reconsiders the containment level of animals involved in experiments using lentiviral vectors. 116 135 136 121 Applied Biosafety:(More)
The amount of illusory movement perceived on the autokinetic test, manifestations of primary process expression on the Rorschach, and creative productivity as measured by the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, were collected from 47 volunteer college students. Those individuals who expressed primary process thinking as blatant affect and the fusion of(More)
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