Henry M Wood

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Genome scans using large numbers of randomly selected markers have revealed a small proportion of loci that deviate from neutral expectations and so may mark genomic regions that contribute to local adaptation. Measurements of sequence differentiation and identification of genes in these regions is important but difficult, especially in organisms with(More)
Eight human subjects pressed a lever on a range of variable-interval schedules for 0.25 cent to 35.0 cent per reinforcement. Herrnstein's hyperbola described seven of the eight subjects' response-rate data well. For all subjects, the y-asymptote of the hyperbola increased with increasing reinforcer magnitude and its reciprocal was a linear function of the(More)
Four human subjects worked on all combinations of five variable-interval schedules and five reinforcer magnitudes ( cent/reinforcer) in each of two phases of the experiment. In one phase the force requirement on the operandum was low (1 or 11 N) and in the other it was high (25 or 146 N). Estimates of Herrnstein's kappa were obtained at each reinforcer(More)
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