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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose a serious threat to human health; hence the mechanisms that lead to their selection need to be investigated. One possible mechanism is that the silver and mercury in amalgam dental restorations may select for bacteria that contain heavy metal and antibiotic-resistance determinants, leading to the spread of these(More)
BACKGROUND Tinea versicolor is a common superficial fungal infection caused by a lipophilic yeast. This chronically recurring opportunistic infection is especially prevalent in tropical and semitropical regions. The topical short-term application of ketoconazole 2% shampoo may provide effective and safe therapy for tinea versicolor. OBJECTIVE The purpose(More)
BACKGROUND Currently available treatments for Alzheimer's disease (AD) can produce mild improvements in cognitive function, behavior, and activities of daily living in patients, but their influence on long-term survival is not well established. This study was designed to assess patient survival and drug efficacy following a 2-year galantamine treatment in(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a technique of retrograde insertion of gastrostomy and gastrojejunostomy tubes with radiologic guidance in children. MATERIALS AND METHODS During a 4 1/2-year period, 511 patients underwent attempted insertion of gastrostomy or gastrojejunostomy tubes. Patients' ages ranged from premature to 18.6 years (mean age, 3.8 years), and weight(More)
OBJECTIVES Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid used for the management of chronic pain. A newer transdermal matrix system was developed and compared with a reservoir system used in the United States. SETTING An open-label, single-center, randomized, two-period crossover study was conducted to evaluate the bioequivalence of the transdermal matrix system(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the technique used for and long-term results of percutaneous cecostomy tube placement for the treatment of fecal incontinence in children. MATERIALS AND METHODS After an initial pilot study in 15 patients, 42 additional patients with fecal incontinence aged 2-20 (mean, 11.5) years and weighing 9.9-109.0 (mean, 39.2) kg underwent(More)
BACKGROUND R115777 (tipifarnib, Zarnestra) is a farnesyl transferase inhibitor that blocks the farnesylation of proteins involved in signal transduction pathways critical for cell proliferation and survival. This multicenter phase II study was conducted to determine the efficacy, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of R115777 in patients with relapsed(More)
Genes encoding resistance to mercury and to antibiotics are often carried on the same mobile genetic element and so it is possible that mercury-containing dental materials may select for bacteria resistant to mercury and to antibiotics. The main aim of this study was to determine whether the prevalence of Hg-resistant oral bacteria was greater in children(More)
UNLABELLED Noninferiority of the efficacy of once-daily hydromorphone hydrochloride extended-release (hydromorphone ER) compared with twice-daily oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release (oxycodone CR) was investigated in this randomized, double-blind study in Chinese patients with moderate to severe cancer pain requiring strong oral opioid analgesics.(More)