Henry M. Mix

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Over a period of 40 months, 4374 foxes were randomly sampled from an area located in northwestern Brandenburg, Germany, and examined parasitologically for infections with Echinococcus multilocularis. Spatial analysis of the origin of infected animals identified two (one central and one southeastern) high-endemic foci with an estimated prevalence of 23.8%.(More)
Foxes harbouring E. multilocularis represent an important source for human infection with this parasite which causes alveolar echinococcosis. To minimize the risk of human infection, a control study was conducted to reduce the prevalence of E. multilocularis-infection in foxes in an focal endemic area of 5000 km2. Foxes were given access to baits containing(More)
The effects of extracellular ATP and other nucleotides on the cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) have been studied in single primary human hepatocytes and in human Hep G2 and HuH-7 hepatoma cells. ATP, adenosine 5'-O-(3-thiotriphosphate) (ATPgammaS), and UTP caused a concentration-dependent biphasic increase in [Ca2+]i with an initial peak followed(More)
Three pairs of raccoon dogsNyctereutes procyonoides (Gray, 1834) were observed by continuous radio-tracking (one 24-h session, once a week) during the first six weeks after parturition. Males spent noticeably more time (40.5% ±11.7 SD) alone with the pups than females (16.4% ±8.5 SD). Females had noticeably larger home ranges (95% kernel: 98.24 ha ±51.71(More)
In times of rapid global and unforeseeable environmental changes, there is an urgent need for a sustainable cattle breeding policy, based on a global view. Most of the indigenous breeds are specialized in a particular habitat or production system but are rapidly disappearing. Thus, they represent an important resource to meet present and future breeding(More)
We report on a 39-year-old woman suffering from deep venous thrombosis due to a heterozygous factor-V-Leiden mutation with resistance to activated protein C. Four months after beginning oral anticoagulation, generalized jaundice appeared. Subsequently, subacute liver failure developed necessitating an orthotopic liver transplantation. Histopathology showed(More)
Internal organs of 74 racoon dogs originating from the eastern districts of the Federal Land Brandenburg were subjected to a complete helminthological dissection. In addition, samples of diaphragma muscles from 46 further animals were examined for Trichinella larvae. Altogether 3 trematode- (Alaria alata, Isthmiophora melis, Metorchis bilis), 3 cestode-(More)
BACKGROUND Successful antiviral treatment of decompensated hepatitis B with HBV polymerase inhibitors is associated with improvement of liver function. To what extent liver function also improves in cirrhotic patients with chronic hepatitis C receiving novel interferon-free (IFN-free) therapies is unknown. AIM To study liver function in cirrhotic HCV(More)
The Asiatic wild ass Equus hemionus, or khulan, once ranged across much of Central Asia, but is now globally threatened. The largest free-ranging populations are now restricted to a 250-km wide area (range 100±400 km) across the Gobi Desert region of southern Mongolia. Over the last 23 years the population has moved further north and east into its former(More)
Human gastric mucous cells - gastric cancer cell lines mucin gene expression - TNFalpha - RT-PCR immunocytochemistry Little is known on the expression pattern of mucin genes in human gastric cancer cell lines in relation to mucin expression in normal gastric epithelial cells. Thus, the aim of this study was to compare gastric cancer cell lines and(More)