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BACKGROUND Paediatric audiology services and screening programmes are currently under review. AIMS AND METHODS To investigate current practice and performance of the school hearing screening programme (SHSP) by means of a questionnaire. RESULTS SHSP was found to detect previously unrecognised hearing loss at low cost. Wide variation in practice was(More)
BACKGROUND Steroids are used as adjuvant treatment in childhood pyogenic meningitis to attenuate host inflammatory responses to bacterial invasion. We aimed to assess the effectiveness of dexamethasone in management of acute bacterial meningitis in a developing country. METHODS In a double-blind, placebo controlled trial, we included 598 children with(More)
AIM To compare presentation, progress, and outcome of acute bacterial meningitis in HIV seropositive and seronegative children. METHODS A double blind randomised placebo controlled study of the use of dexamethasone as adjuvant therapy in acute bacterial meningitis, in children aged 2 months to 13 years, was carried out from July 1997 to March 2001. A(More)
INTRODUCTION The clinical course and outcome of non-typhoidal salmonella (NTS) meningitis in Malawian children over a 10-year period (1997-2006) is described. METHODS Demographic, clinical and laboratory data were collected for all children over 2 months of age admitted with salmonella meningitis to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital from 1997 to 2006. In(More)
A collaborative nine-centre study was designed to follow the routes to identification of all children up to the age of seven years newly diagnosed with permanent hearing impairment (> or = 50 dB HL) during the period 1993-1994. Ages of identification were compared with the standards set by the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS), ascertaining whether(More)
The e-business " revolution " has generated many business opportunities. Much for current research and developments initiatives have primarily focused on the development of enabling technology, methods and standards to support buying and/or selling products and services over the Internet. It is now increasingly recognised that the next generation of(More)
598 children with bacterial meningitis were admitted to the paediatric wards of the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), Blantyre, Malawi from July 1997 - March 2001. Patients were followed up at 1 and 6 months after hospital discharge when physical, neurological, developmental and hearing assessments were made. The most common causes of pyogenic(More)
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