Henry L. Pujol

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The opinion survey "Parcours de femmes" initiated in partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb was conducted by la Ligue nationale contre le cancer between November 1993 and May 1995 and by Sofres Institute. The aim of the study was to increase knowledge of experience of feminine cancers, both by patients and by different treatment teams. Two thousand eight(More)
Osseous metastases in the hand are rare. The authors report 3 cases, bringing the total number of reported cases up to 106. They affect mainly men; their clinical features are local swelling and pain frequently ascribed to a trauma. The diagnosis is often mistaken, many patients being initially treated for a distal felon. Distal phalanx is the main involved(More)
The population with Down's syndrome has a different cancer profile compared to the general population, even after taking into account issues of survival and ageing. Several solid tumours are unusually rare, whereas in contrast leukaemias are increased. In addition, few studies are available on this topic. We therefore decided to conduct a mortality study(More)
Invasive epithelioma of the uterine cervix spreads in two different ways. Locally, tumour involves progressively upon neighbouring structures (vagina parametrium, uterine corpus, bladder, rectum). Regionally, lymphatic dissemination occur preociously moving towards the nodes of the pelvic wall. Local extension can be appreciated by clinical examination(More)