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—We report a reconfigurable four-channel optical add–drop multiplexer for use in access networks. The optical add–drop multiplexer (OADM) is based on vertically coupled thermally tunable Si 3 N 4 –SiO 2 microring resonators (MRs) and has been realized on a footprint of 0.25 mm 2. Individual MRs in the OADM can be tuned across the full free-spectral range of(More)
A fully pigtailed and packaged ultra-compact reconfigurable 4-channel optical add-drop multiplexer is shown based on SiO 2 /Si 3 N 4 microring resonators. Measurements demonstrate full add/drop capability for 40 Gbit/s datasignal as well as the ability to multicast a channel. Introduction When the optical fiber networks are emerging towards the end user's(More)
A general linear model was described for tests constructed in a facet design. Guilford's structure of intellect model and an alternative model were specified as special cases. From the Guilford research seven data sets were selected such that both models could be compared. The comparison was done with oblique and orthogonal factors. Using covariance(More)
This paper presents novel ways of implementing waveguide components in photonic crystal slabs based on silicon-on-insulator (SOI). The integration platform we consider consists of hexagonal holes arranged in a triangular lattice ('hexagon-type' photonic crystal). The waveguides are made of one missing row of holes (W1) with triangular air inclusions(More)
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