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Fme-form defommtion (FFD) is a powerful modeting tool, but contmtling the shape of an object under complex deformations is often ~cult. 'fhe interface to FFD in most conventional syetems simply mpments the unddying mathematics directly, ur3ent&-acdbe deformations by manipulating control points. lhe difEculty in controlling shape precisely is largely due to(More)
We present an interactive modeling and animation system that facilitates the integration of a variety of simulation and animation paradigms. This system permits the modeling of diverse objects that change in shape, appearance, and behaviour over time. Our system thus extends modeling tools to include animation controls. Changes can be effected by various(More)
This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of an interactive tabletop system that supports co-located meeting capture and asynchronous search and review of past meetings. The goal of the project is to evaluate the design of a conference table that augments the everyday work patterns of small collaborative groups by incorporating an(More)
Hyperscore is a graphical, computer-assisted composition system that allows users to intuitively visualize and edit musical structures. It maps musical features to graphi-cal elements such as color, shape, and line texture. These graphical elements allow users to control both high and low-level musical features such as pitch, dynamics, melodic contour, and(More)
Tangible interactions on horizontal surfaces are increasingly relevant for collaborative applications, embodied interaction, musical performance, and interaction with 3D information. This unique studio opportunity introduces approaches to developing applications on four related platforms: the Reactable: a musical tabletop, and its companion fiducial(More)
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