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Testing and executing large-scale computational applications in public clouds is becoming prevalent due to cost saving, elasticity, and scalability. However, how to increase the reliability and reduce the cost to run large-scale applications in public clouds is still a big challenge. In this paper, we analyzed the pricing schemes of Amazon Elastic Compute(More)
Recent server architectures embrace a common technology feature: on-chip parallelism via multi-core and CMT (Chip Multi Threading) technologies. However, they also significantly differ in a number of key aspects includingclock speed, micro-architecture, cache hierarchy, and memory sub-system. Such differences may lead to difference levels of application(More)
In this paper, we have proposed efficient algorithms for simulating Infiniband networks using a non-blocking fully populated Fat-Tree topology. These algorithms successfully model Fat-Tree Infiniband networks and introduce an efficient routing scheme for multi-source multi-destination routing. Our aim is to use maximum/minimum portion of the topology for(More)
The concept of Data Value Chain (DVC) involves the chain of activities to collect, manage, share, integrate, harmonize and analyze data for scientific or enterprise insight. For some applications, it also entails the leverage of visualization and simulation. However, the curse of big data (volume, velocity, variety) makes it difficult to efficiently handle(More)
Many e-science applications can be modeled as workflow applications. In this programming model, scientific applications are described as a set of tasks that have dependencies between them. Clouds are natural candidates for hosting such applications. This is because some of their core characteristics, such as rapid elasticity, resource pooling, and pay per(More)
To Rhinomiigil corsula (Hamilton) salinities below 12.25 %. (S) are not lethal at any temperature within the tolerance limit, in acute exposure from freshwater. The optimum temperatures from 26 to 30°C favour salinity tolerance. Low temperature is more detrimental than high, though this species has higher resistance times at low temperature. Sarotherodon(More)
In today’s big data era, there is a tremendously huge amount of data available. Layman users lack not only the knowledge and experience in data analytics to make sense of these data but also the computational resources for executing the analytics. In this paper, we propose and develop a layman analytics system (LAS), which provides the layman users(More)
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