Henry John Orchard

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Earlier methods of design have used iterative approaches such as the well-known Parks-McClellan algorithm or some variant of linear programming. Here we give a direct method of design, using Chebyshev polynomials, which provides a reduction in design time over previous methods by about a factor of ten. The ideal equal-ripple response in both passband and(More)
1. R. Garg, P. Bhartia, I. Bahl, and A. Ittipibon, Microstrip Antenna Design Handbook, Artech House, Boston London, 2001. 2. D. Morgan and R. Ragland, “Lumped element filters for electronic warfare systems,” Microwave J., vol. 29, pp. 127–136, Feb. 1986. 3. R. Levy, “Design considerations for lumped-element microwave filters,” Microwave J., vol. 31, pp.(More)
A theorem is proved giving a lower bound on the magnitude of a rational function H ( z ) when evaluated on the unit circle in the complex plane. In the special case of a biquadratic H ( z ) the theorem yields valuable insights and bounds which are useful for digital filter scaling. Digital filters are often implemented as a cascade of subfilters having the(More)
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