Henry J Snaith

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We present an analytical and experimental investigation into the origin of the open-circuit voltage in the solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell. Through Kelvin probe microscopy, we demonstrate that a macroscopically uniform electric field exists throughout the nanocomposite between the electrodes. Considering a balance between drift and diffusion currents,(More)
Perovskites are an old class of materials, named after the mineralogist Lew A. Perowskite. They cover a broad range of ternary oxides, nitrides, halides, and even other compositions. The common thread between the different classes of perovskites is the AMX 3 stoichiometry. Recently, lead halide perovskites have garnered much attention in the photovoltaic(More)
The solid state dye sensitized solar cell is one of the most promising organic based device concepts which demonstrates solar power conversion efficiencies in excess of 4 %. [1, 2] The basic strategy of this hybrid system is that light is absorbed in a dye to form an excited electronic state, termed an exciton. Electron transfer takes place from the excited(More)
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