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The Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating: Design, Fabrication, Ground Calibration and Five Years in Flight
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (Contract NAS8-38249)
Building Manycore Processor-to-DRAM Networks with Monolithic Silicon Photonics
We present a new monolithic silicon photonics technology suited for integration with standard bulk CMOS processes, which reduces costs and improves opto-electrical coupling compared to previousExpand
Photonic ADC: overcoming the bottleneck of electronic jitter.
This work demonstrates that the photonic approach can deliver on its promise by digitizing a 41 GHz signal with 7.0 effective bits using a photonic ADC built from discrete components, a 4-5 times improvement over the performance of the best electronic ADCs which exist today. Expand
Building Many-Core Processor-to-DRAM Networks with Monolithic CMOS Silicon Photonics
A new monolithic silicon-photonic technology is introduced, which uses a standard bulk CMOS process to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, and the logical and physical implications of leveraging this technology in processor-to-memory networks are explored. Expand
Photonic-bandgap microcavities in optical waveguides
Confinement of light to small volumes has important implications for optical emission properties: it changes the probability of spontaneous emission from atoms, allowing both enhancement andExpand
Polarization-transparent microphotonic devices in the strong confinement limit
Microphotonic structures that strongly confine light, such as photonic crystals and micron-sized resonators, have unique characteristics that could radically advance technology1,2,3,4,5,6. However,Expand
Synthesis of silicon nanowires and nanofin arrays using interference lithography and catalytic etching.
With this technique, the synthesis of silicon nanostructures that were fabricated using a combination of interference lithography and catalytic etching are created that are perfectly periodic over very large areas, where the cross-sectional shapes and the array ordering can be varied. Expand
Nanophotonic integration in state-of-the-art CMOS foundries.
A monolithic photonic integration platform that leverages the existing state-of-the-art CMOS foundry infrastructure and enables intimate integration of large numbers of nanophotonic devices alongside high-density, high-performance transistors at low initial and incremental cost. Expand
A three-dimensional optical photonic crystal with designed point defects
3D photonic crystals that are particularly suited for optical device integration using a lithographic layer-by-layer approach are presented and optical measurements show they have resonant signatures around telecommunications wavelengths. Expand
Fabrication and characterization of narrow-band Bragg-reflection filters in silicon-on-insulator ridge waveguides
We describe the design, fabrication and measurement of an integrated-optical Bragg grating filter, operating at a freespace wavelength of 1543 nm, based upon a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) ridgeExpand