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The effect of intravenous filters, containers and administration sets on nitroglycerin potency was studied. Solutions of nitroglycerin (50 and 100 microgram/ml) in water for injection, in 5% dextrose injection and in 0.9% sodium chloride injection were prepared. The concentration of these solutions was measured after (1) filtration through a 0.2-micron(More)
Two methaqualone tablets that exhibited different in vitro dissolution rates were administered to 11 normal healthy male volunteers. Serial blood samples were withdrawn following administration of each tablet, and plasma methaqualone concentrations were determined by an established spectrophotofluormetric assay. Both tablets produced virtually identical(More)
Particle track densities up to > 3 x 10(9) per square centimeter have been measured in different samples. Rocks 17, 47, 57, and 58 have VH (Z >22) galactic cosmic ray ages of 11, 14, 28, and 13 x 10(6) years, respectively. Rock 57 has a calculated erosion rate of 10(-7) centimeter per year. Near-surface track versus depth data in rock 17 can be fit with(More)
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