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Besides the logistic system the working structures in a company become increasingly important. With the introduction of flexible working structures, the role of workers in a simulation has to be redefined. It is essential to model workers in varying levels of detail. These levels have to match the levels of detail in the simulation of material flow. A(More)
There is a demand in European high schools for learning discrete-event simulation. The best system for this appears to be micro-GPSS. Up to now, micro-GPSS has lacked a Graphical User Interface for the build up of models. In this paper, two projects for such a GUI system are presented: WebGPSS, where the GUI is developed as a Java-Applet and the system runs(More)
Without the use of simulation methods and technology complex logistical issues can only be dealt with insufficiently. While current research concentrates on technological aspects in the improvement of system behaviour , vital tasks in the field of production and logistics despite of increasing automation are undoubtedly assigned to human resources. Present(More)
Discrete simulation is a suitable application area for several disciplines in high schools. One such discipline is Computer Science. Other disciplines are e. g. mathematics and business. The main principles of modeling information can be practiced in a suitable simulation project. For the implementation of the model on the computer, two different versions(More)
In 2011, GPSS, the General Purpose Simulation System, celebrates its 50<sup>th</sup> anniversary. At the 2001 Winter Simulation Conference there were two papers dealing with the 40<sup>th</sup> anniversary of GPSS. With these papers available on the Web, this paper will concentrate on the developments of GPSS after 2001. There are still three systems with(More)
In order to get more people to use and understand simulation, improved teaching of simulation to beginners is important. The panel members share their experience in teaching the classic systems of simulation, used for several decades, to novice students.
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