Henry Hermes

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The role of CT and MRI in the evaluation of patients for possible insertion of a multichannel intracochlear hearing device was appraised. The study included 52 patients who underwent both CT and MRI examinations, 40 of whom were later operated on. Coronal and axial T2-weighted spin-echo sequences were performed in 25 volunteers with normal hearing and in 47(More)
The effects of torasemide on renal glomerular and tubular functions were studied in rats using clearance and micropuncture techniques. A dose-response relationship of torasemide in the range of 0.2-20 mg/kg b.w. on the increase of urine volume, urinary sodium and potassium excretion was established. The effect of a dose of 0.2 mg/kg b.w. torasemide was(More)
A bacterial lysate (OM-85 BV), a preparation of purified bacterial ribosomes (D53) and a placebo were tested for ability to induce the local appearance of specific antibody-containing cells. The three compounds were given orally to 90 children who required tonsillectomy. Surgery was carried out after 1 month of therapy. Frozen-cut sections of each tonsil(More)
The authors report on possibilities and borderlines of reconstructive microsurgery of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. When paralysis of the vocal cord is proved after thyreoidectomy exploration and control of the nerve should be done immediately. This must be done as fast as possible, latest at the 7th day after thyreoidectomy. If there is found nerve injury(More)
The incidence of sensorineural hearing loss after stapedectomy ranges from 0.6% to 5%. There is evidence that reparative granuloma is a major cause: most authors report that it requires urgent surgery, but this view is not universally accepted. This study analyses 14 stapedectomies that resulted in a sudden or gradual sensorineural hearing loss, often(More)