Henry Hemery

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Textured PMN-PT ceramics were synthesized by homo-template grain growth (HTGG) using PMN-PT nano-particles and cubic single crystal templates (50 /spl mu/m). Samples are prepared using doctor Blade method and sintered in PbO controlled atmosphere. Orientation of the templates was obtained during tape casting. Textured tape cast ceramics display quasi(More)
M.C., M.A., M.D., D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.C.S.(Ed.), F.R.S.E. (Pp. xvi + 100; plates 30. 30s.) Edinburgh: E. & S. Livingstone, 1955. AN atlas and text on the sites and mode of entry of the principal arteries and nerves supplying the limb muscles has been compiled from new observations carried out at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Leeds, and Glasgow on dissecting-room(More)
Piezoelectric textured ceramics obtained by homo-template grain growth (HTGG) were recently demonstrated. A simple model with several assumptions has been used to calculate effective parameters of these new materials. Different connectivities have been simulated to show that spatial arrangements between the considered phases have little influence on the(More)
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