Henry H. Harpending

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This paper elaborates the hypothesis that the unique demography and sociology of Ashkenazim in medieval Europe selected for intelligence. Ashkenazi literacy, economic specialization, and closure to inward gene flow led to a social environment in which there was high fitness payoff to intelligence, specifically verbal and mathematical intelligence but not(More)
  • Karel Lambert, Gordon G I99i Brittan, Ein Eine, Steven I Miller, Marcel Fredericks I99i A Case, D R White +21 others
  • 2006
Together these results point in one direction: Variables must be missing. Consequently, Gaulin and Boster's theoretical reasoning needs to be supplemented. On the methodological level it is apparent that in research situations such as this one conventional statistical tools obscure both the significant and the insignificant but Bool-ean analysis does not.(More)
The genus Mycobacterium encompasses over one hundred named species of environmental and pathogenic organisms, including the causative agents of devastating human diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy. The success of these human pathogens is due in part to their ability to rapidly adapt to their changing environment and host. Recombination is the fastest(More)
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