Henry H. Barschall

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Neutron cross sections for nonelastic and elastic reactions on a range of elements have been evaluated for incident energies up to 150 MeV. These cross sections agree well with experimental cross section data for charged-particle production as well as neutron and photon production. Therefore they can be used to determine kerma coefficients for calculations(More)
The calibration (in rad/nC) of an air-filled tissue-equivalent ionization chamber for neutrons of 15-MeV average energy was determined by measuring absolute fluences and calculating the kerma per unit fluence. The neutron calibration determined from the gamma-ray calibration and application of the Bragg-Gray relation was found to be 4% higher than that(More)
Using microdosimetric techniques, a direct measurement was made of the kerma factor of carbon for 14.1-MeV neutrons. Kerma was inferred from charged particle energy depositions measured with a small graphite-walled proportional counter. Measurements with an ionization chamber and a proportional counter, both constructed with A150 plastic walls, as well as(More)