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OBJECTIVES This study sought to determine the feasibility of performing a comprehensive cardiac computed tomographic (CT) examination incorporating stress and rest myocardial perfusion imaging together with coronary computed tomography angiography (CTA). BACKGROUND Although cardiac CT can identify coronary stenosis, very little data exist on the ability(More)
Characterization of subacute and convalescent fibrotic burden in the remote myocardium after acute infarction provides strong and incremental prediction of changes in left and right functions and final infarct size, incremental to knowledge of the subacute infarct size Summary To test the hypothesis that fibrotic burden in remote myocardium quantified by(More)
CMR quantification of infarct tissue heterogeneity and remote myocardial fibrotic burden during convalescent phase following acute myocardial infarction (MI) provided strong and complementary evidence of ventricular arrhythmogenicity from quantitative microvolt T-wave alternans testing (the NHLBI PROSPECT-CMR study) Summary In patients with recent MI,(More)
  • Y Abe, Y Kitada, Abel, R H Cooper, R R Beck, S A Abraham +34 others
  • 2002
This is a representative bibliography of research papers describing work done using Non-Radioactive microspheres. While not complete, the listed papers do give a good overview of medical research applications of Non-Radioactive micrspheres. The Fluorescent Microsphere Research Center at the University of Washington maintains a bibliograhphy of(More)
  • Y Abe, Y Kitada, Abel, R R Beck, R H Cooper, S A Abraham +29 others
  • 1999
Effect of a calcium-sensitizing positive inotropic agent MCI-154 and its combined use with enalapril on postischemic contractile dysfunction of dog hearts. Use of fluorescent latex microspheres to measure coronary blood flow distribution. technetium-99m-teboroxime activity in acute coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion: relation to myocardial blood flow(More)