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In order to determine if the "trophic" properties of astrocytes makes them appropriate for use as a therapeutic agent to excitotoxic brain damage, adult male rats received grafts of cultured cerebral cortical astrocytes into the NBM immediately after infusion of ibotenic acid into the same structure. Twenty four hours after grafting and every other day for(More)
The pathway from the nucleus coeruleus to Purkinje neurons in rat cerebellar cortex was used to analyze effects of antipsychotic neuroleptic drugs on a central noradrenergic pathway. Fluphenazine and haloperidol produced a dose-dependent increase in Purkinje neuron spontaneous discharge. This effect was not seen in animals in which the noradrenergic input(More)
The effect of diazepam was evaluated on spontaneous activity and drug- and electrically-elicited inhibitions of neuronal activity. Doses of diazepam which did not change spontaneous firing rates markedly enhanced GABA-mediated inhibitions in rat cerebellum in situ and in tissue cultures of rat hypothalamus. The effects of diazepam were readily reversible,(More)
Adult male rats received transplants of dissociated 30-day old cultured cortical astrocytes into the ipsilateral frontal and parietal cortex immediately after unilateral ibotenic acid lesion of the NBM or after sham injury. We hypothesized that transplants of astrocytes into the acetylcholine-deprived cortex might provide trophic support to terminals(More)
Electrophysiological investigations have revealed that benzodiazepines, applied either locally or systemically, reduce central nervous system excitability. The studies summarized here indicate that this depression of excitability by benzodiazepines is a result of an increase in gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mediated inhibition. This increase in inhibition(More)
The role of extracellular calcium in monoamine responses of central neurons was ivestigated using explant cultures of tuberal hypothalamus. The spontaneous activity of neurons in cultures was recorded in balanced salt and calcium-deficient salt solutions. This increased firing rate was counteracted by the addition of magnesium. Addition of magnesium also(More)
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