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TRH increases cytosolic-free calcium ([Ca2+]i) by activating phospholipase C(PL-C), which induces phosphoinositol hydrolysis, leading to Ca2+ mobilization from inositol trisphosphate (IP3) sensitive stores, and by increasing Ca2+ influx. Increases in [Ca2+]i stimulate PRL secretion. We investigated the effects of U-73122, an aminosteroid inhibitor of PL-C(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight and obesity are common among patients with Cushing's syndrome (CS) and may persist in some patients even after ostensibly curative surgery, contributing to cardiometabolic dysfunction and increased cardiovascular risk. Mifepristone, a selective glucocorticoid receptor antagonist, was effective in controlling hyperglycemia in a 24-week(More)
Exposure to bacterial endotoxins has long been known to stimulate the release of anterior pituitary hormones; administration of endotoxin was at one time a common clinical test of anterior pituitary function. Endotoxin is a potent stimulus for production of the endogenous pyrogenic protein, interleukin-1 (IL-1), by macrophages and monocytes. The possibility(More)
Cholinergic mechanisms have been implicated in the regulation of anterior pituitary hormone secretion. The present study was designed to determine the effect of a single injection of an organophosphate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, diisopropylfluorophosphate (DFP), on anterior pituitary function in male rats. DFP increased serum ACTH (2.7-fold) and(More)
Thyroid hormones generally stimulate erythropoiesis. These agents also increase erythrocyte 2,3-DPG concentrations, which serve to enhance the delivery of oxygen to tissues. In the absence of thyroid hormones, anemia frequently develops and may be normocytic, hypochromic-microcytic, or macrocytic. Anemia is an uncommon finding in hyperthyroidism but when(More)
BACKGROUND Postpartum thyroiditis is a common but frequently unrecognized disorder, affecting approximately 5% of women during the first 12 months after delivery. We investigated whether the antimicrosomal antibody titer could be used to determine which women with positive titers postpartum (1) might develop symptomatic or biochemical abnormalities within(More)
BACKGROUND Serum thyrotropin (TSH) concentration and thyroid autoimmunity may be of prognostic importance in differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). Preoperative serum TSH level has been associated with higher DTC stage in cross-sectional studies; data are contradictory on the significance of thyroid autoimmunity at the time of diagnosis. OBJECTIVE We sought(More)
The role of carbohydrate in the heterogeneity of hCG and its subunits is unclear. To study this question, we chromatographed over Sephadex G-100 an extract of term placenta as well as sera from a woman in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy and sera from two patients with nontrophoblastic malignancies. Samples were cochromatographed with(More)
Previous studies demonstrated a direct action of interleukin-1 (IL-1) on release of hormones from rat anterior pituitary cells in monolayer culture. To rule out any possibility of a paracrine effect from the elevated hormones in the static monolayer system, and to examine further the dynamics of hormone release elicited by IL-1, studies were conducted with(More)