Henry Fricke

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Studies of resting regional cerebral glucose consumption (rCMRGlc) in nondemented patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) have produced conflicting results, reporting both reduced and normal metabolism in advanced disease and reduced or normal metabolism after dopaminergic therapy. To investigate these issues, [(18)F]fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron(More)
The Alpine Iceman provides a unique window into the Neolithic-Copper Age of Europe. We compared the radiogenic (strontium and lead) and stable (oxygen and carbon) isotope composition of the Iceman's teeth and bones, as well as 40Ar/39Ar mica ages from his intestine, to local geology and hydrology, and we inferred his habitat and range from childhood to(More)
UNLABELLED Our objective was to investigate the properties of [1-(11)C]acetate as a quantitative perfusion tracer for myocardial PET studies. METHODS We determined the flow dependence of the effective acetate extraction by a comparison with [(13)N]ammonia in 24 patients at rest (n = 8) and under pharmacologic vasodilation (n = 16). Furthermore, we(More)
Introduction: Intradermal periareolar injection technique for sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) may offer an advantage by including multifocal breast cancer as an additional indication. In May 2008 we changed our standard procedure from peritumoral (PT) to periareolar (PA) injection. We compared the results for corresponding periods before and after the(More)
AIM In non-diabetic patients, sympathetic innervation can be preserved even if there is major impairment of myocardial blood supply. Matters may be more complex in diabetic patients because denervation can be caused by cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN) or by ischemic injury. Our aim was to determine whether restrictions in myocardial blood supply have a(More)
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