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An in situ calibration protocol for ground-to-foot force measuring platforms is described. The methodology allows verification of the function of the force plate and allows accurate calibration for three force and moment channels. The effect of cross-sensitivity on recorded data is discussed along with the need for improvements in methodology to quantify(More)
Atmospheric transmittance models for absorbing gases with constant mixing ratios were described in the two preceding papers of this series. In this paper a method for calculating atmospheric transmittances for absorbing gases with variable mixing ratios is described. Because the model uses only arithmetic operations, it is computationally fast as well as(More)
Models exist which allow the calculation of atmospheric transmittance at a given zenith angle for an absorbing gas with a constant mixing ratio. However, many applications require transmittances at several zenith angles. A simple, fast, and accurate model for calculating the angular dependence is given. This model is computationally fast because only the(More)
Following work done in C.E.C. project AIM 2002 CAMARC II, a framework of the relevant standards for testing equipment used in laboratories analysing human movement is presented. In particular, gait analysis laboratories may provide a service for a clinical team considering treatment such as surgical intervention or provision of orthoses. In this case the(More)
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