Henry E. Fleming

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Rhinovirus (RV) infections appear to precipitate most asthma exacerbations. To investigate whether RV-16 induces different inflammatory changes in upper and lower airways of asthmatic and healthy subjects, we inoculated 10 nonatopic healthy and 11 atopic asthmatic adults with 2,000 TCID50 RV-16. Subjects recorded symptoms and peak flow daily; and they(More)
EDIS 33 Accurate Leas t-Squares Techniques Using t h e Orthogonal Function Approach. J e r r y S u l l i v a n , March 1980. (PB80 223241) EDIS 34 An A p p l i c a t i o n of S t o c h a s t i c Fore-c a s t i n g t o Monthly Averaged 700 mb One or more conditions of the original document may affect the quality of the image, such as: Discolored pages Faded(More)
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