Henry Dodd

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We have cloned a Hox-like gene, cnox-2Am, from a staghorn coral, Acropora millepora, an anthozoan cnidarian, and characterised its embryonic and larval expression. cnox-2Am and its orthologs in other cnidarians and Trichoplax most closely resemble the Gsx and, to a lesser extent, Hox 3/4 proteins. Developmental northern blots and in situ hybridisation are(More)
The structural gene for the precursor of the peptide antibiotic nisin was isolated and characterized. As with other lanthionine-containing antibiotics, nisin is synthesized as a pre-propeptide which undergoes post-translational modification to generate the mature antibiotic. The sequence data obtained agreed with those of precursor nisin genes isolated by(More)
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