Henry Delcamp

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We theoretically and empirically examine recent business models of defensive and offensive patent trading by specialized service firms also called non-practicing entities (NPEs). We develop a theoretical model of competition between NPEs and operating firms to win a patent auction, wherein operating firms have private information on their exposure to(More)
This thesis focuses on the impact of coordination mechanisms, created<lb>around technological standards with a special focus on 3rd generation Information<lb>and Communication Technology, on innovation. We are particularly interested in two<lb>types of coordination mechanisms: patent pools and industry consortia. This thesis is<lb>comprised of four(More)
This article analyzes the relationship between private and social value of patents, comparing discrete and cumulative innovation. Indicators of the social value of patents are known to be less correlated with measures of private value in technological fields where innovation is more cumulative. We test whether this is because the link between private and(More)
We study the novel business models of patent acquisition services and assess their implications for intellectual property markets and patent litigation. Through qualitative case studies and descriptive analyses of patent and litigation data, we find that the most recent innovations in the area of defensive patent acquisition business models are indeed(More)
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