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This paper explores empirically the interplay between patent pooling and litigations using data on 1,564 United States patents belonging to eight different pools and to a control database with patents having the same characteristics. We investigate two main questions. We first assess whether the entry in a pool fosters the patents' enforcement. Our analysis(More)
We theoretically and empirically examine recent business models of defensive and offensive patent trading by specialized service firms also called non-practicing entities (NPEs). We develop a theoretical model of competition between NPEs and operating firms to win a patent auction, wherein operating firms have private information on their exposure to(More)
This article analyzes the relationship between private and social value of patents, comparing discrete and cumulative innovation. Indicators of the social value of patents are known to be less correlated with measures of private value in technological fields where innovation is more cumulative. We test whether this is because the link between private and(More)
This article compares the relationship between patent quality and patent value in discrete and cumulative innovation. Using factor analysis and a set of various commonly used patent quality indicators including claims, citations and family size, we build a quality factor jointly driving all indicators for 9255 patents. We then test the significance of this(More)
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