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The duck histone H5 gene contains a 12 base pair (bp) sequence motif within the coding region, which shows homology in 10 out of 12 bp with the consensus sequence of the USF binding site in the Ad2ML-promoter. The functional equivalent of transcription factor USF, partially purified from whole cell extracts of duck erythrocytes (EUSF), was shown to interact(More)
Eighty megagametaphytes from each of 24 Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) were subjected to horizontal starch gel electrophoresis. The trees were from crosses among widely separated provenances, and each was polymorphic for 8 to 14 loci. Evidence for linkage among 275 two-locus combinations was tested using chi-square analysis. Data from different trees(More)
A homologous in vitro transcription system was developed in which the alpha A-globin gene of the duck was faithfully transcribed. Whole-cell extracts from duck erythrocytes were separated into fractions A, B, C and D by consecutive elution from phosphocellulose columns and were individually reconstituted in run-off transcription assays. Fractions A, C and D(More)
Ultrasonic examination of the knee joint is a non invasive reliable technique without disadvantages to the patients. It should be used supplementary to usual X-ray pictures of the popliteal space. Ultrasonography is a fast and accurate method to detect a wide variety of disorders, describing their exact location and calculating their volume. It produces(More)
To improve street trees through better selection of species 1 and cultivars is an important goal of the Municipal Tree Restoration Program . Communities have been assisted by publishing “Street Tree Factsheets”, through workshops on “Selecting Street Trees’, and by research on performance testing of cultivars. Factsheets on 35 species or genera and 87(More)
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