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Mobile phones are increasingly equipped with a range of highly responsive sensors. From cameras and GPS receivers to three-axis accelerometers, applications running on these devices are able to experience rich interactions with their environment. Unfortunately, some applications may be able to use such sensors to monitor their surroundings in unintended(More)
percent of the population had incomes below the poverty line, and 31 percent had incomes below 200 percent of the poverty line. Compared to the overall population, a far higher share of those in single-mother families are poor or near-poor, with 67 percent below 200 percent of the poverty line in 2005. A shockingly high 24 percent of those in single-mother(More)
Garbled circuits offer a powerful primitive for computation on a user's personal data while keeping that data private. Despite recent improvements, constructing and evaluating circuits of any useful size remains expensive on the limited hardware resources of a smartphone, the primary computational device available to most users around the world. In this(More)
Garbled circuits provide a powerful tool for jointly evaluating functions while preserving the privacy of each user's inputs. While recent research has made the use of this primitive more practical, such solutions generally assume that participants are symmetrically provisioned with massive computing resources. In reality, most people on the planet only(More)
Recent developments in secure computation have led to significant improvementsin efficiency and functionality. These efforts created compilers that form thebackbone of practical secure computation research. Unfortunately, many of theartifacts that are being used to demonstrate new research for secure computationare incomplete, incorrect, or unstable,(More)
Ransomware is a growing threat that encrypts auser's files and holds the decryption key until a ransom ispaid by the victim. This type of malware is responsible fortens of millions of dollars in extortion annually. Worse still, developing new variants is trivial, facilitating the evasion of manyantivirus and intrusion detection systems. In this work, we(More)
VHDL-AMS supports the time and frequency domain modeling and noise modeling which make the RF circuit and system modeling in VHDL-AMS possible, while some restrictions do exist. For instance, the parameters of (LTF attribute of a quantity must be static is a difficulty to model a flexible bandwidth specification. We represent a methodology to design and(More)
Secure multiparty computation (SMC) offers a technique to preserve functionality and data privacy in mobile applications. Current protocols that make this costly cryptographic construction feasible on mobile devices securely outsource the bulk of the computation to a cloud provider. However, these outsourcing techniques are built on specific secure(More)
OAuth 2.0 provides an open framework for the authorization of users across the web. While the standard enumerates mandatory security protections for a variety of attacks, many embodiments of this standard allow these protections to be optionally implemented. In this paper, we analyze the extent to which one particularly dangerous vulnerability, Cross Site(More)