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Keywords: Radio frequency identification (RFID) Case-based reasoning (CBR) Warehouse management systems (WMSs) a b s t r a c t In the supply chain, a warehouse is an essential component for linking the chain partners. It is necessary to allocate warehouse resources efficiently and effectively to enhance the productivity and reduce the operation costs of the(More)
The distribution of finished products from depots to customers is a practical and challenging problem in logistics management. Better routing and scheduling decisions can result in higher level of customer satisfaction because more customers can be served in a shorter time. The distribution problem is generally formulated as the vehicle routing problem(More)
Keywords: Logistics workflow RFID Artificial neural network Backpropagation algorithm Demand chain management Supply chain management a b s t r a c t This paper discusses demand and supply chain management and examines how artificial intelligence techniques and RFID technology can enhance the responsiveness of the logistics workflow. This proposed system is(More)
Case Base Reasoning (CBR), which is characterized by its capability to capture past experience and knowledge for case matching in various applications, is an emerging and well-accepted approach in the implementation Knowledge Management (KM) systems. The data format of CBR belongs to the 'free' type and therefore is dissimilar to the traditional relational(More)