Henry C. Alberts

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The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River is currently the largest construction project in the world. Because of its complexity, integration of social, environmental and technological systems, and tight coupling required by the schedule, the project should be managed using a systems approach. To find out if this was the case, the authors formed a research(More)
'lbe need to utilize sane kind of data in the exercise of rrodels and simulations is fundarrental. Problems in deriving data sets of sufficient scope, depth and accuracy have been studied many times. These studies drew on the data base provided by World War II, Korea, Viet-Nam, and IOOSt recently, the Falklands Islands action and the action at Grenada. With(More)
This paper was written for presentation to the March 1982 meeting of the Military Operations Research Society. It was the theme paper for the session on Gaming and Simulation. Since that meeting, the ideas have been presented at a number of meetings of Professional societies; and informally to members of both the Simulation and the Test and Evaluation(More)
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