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The influence of the vagal nerve on the inhibitory effect of neurotensin on pentagastrin stimulated gastric acid secretion was investigated in seven duodenal ulcer patients before and after parietal cell vagotomy without drainage. Preoperatively, neurotensin inhibited gastric acid secretion, whereas no effect was found postoperatively. Plasma concentration(More)
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Fromm's Aristotelian statement that "Dreaming is a meaningful expression of any kind of mental activity under the condition of sleep" (Fromm, 1951, p. 25) is similar to a modern neurobiological conclusion about the dreaming process. The current data from the neurosciences lead to the definition of dreams as a neuropsychological event during sleep whose(More)
The universal and ubiquitous use of computing technologies confronts us with new ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. In the current age of abundant information sharing and gathering, social networking sites (SNSs) are now thought of as incredible resources for collecting data on individuals. The question of interest for computer scientists, engineers and(More)
More and more businesses are providing web services to interact with their business applications, allowing for loosely coupled software solutions, possibly spanning multiple businesses. Demand for more functionality forces web service providers to host multiple versions of the same services. Some consumers might upgrade to the newest version, but some might(More)
Fraud risk analysis on data from formal information sources, being a ‘paper reality’, suffers from blindness to false information. Moreover, the very act of providing false information is a strong indicator for fraud. The technology presented in this paper provides one step towards the vision of harnessing real-world data from social media and internet for(More)
We performed detailed H isotope diffusion measurements in the upper 3 m of firn at Summit, Greenland. Using a small snow gun, a thin snow layer was formed from H-enriched water over a 6× 6 m area. We followed the diffusion process, quantified as the increase of the δH diffusion length, over a 4-year period, by retrieving the layer once per year by drilling(More)
A prospective randomised study was undertaken to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of a non-invasive surgical zipper (Medizip) vs intracutaneous sutures skin closure in orthopaedic surgery. The study group consisted of 120 consecutive patients, 45 men and 75 women with a mean age of 47 years. The Medizip was used in 20 surgical knee wounds, 20(More)