Henry Baltes

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Signal degradation and an array size dictated by the number of available interconnects are the two main limitations inherent to standalone microelectrode arrays (MEAs). A new biochip consisting of an array of microelectrodes with fully-integrated analog and digital circuitry realized in an industrial CMOS process addresses these issues. The device is(More)
Sensor arrays based on industrial CMOS-technology combined with post-CMOS micromachining (CMOS MEMS) are a promising approach to low-cost sensors. In the first part of this article [1], the state of research on CMOS-based gas sensor systems was reviewed, and a platform technology for monolithic integration of three different transducers on a single chip was(More)
With 'photo-ASKS' comprlsmg hght-sensitive structures, hght-emmmg devices and analog and chgtal clrcults, complete optlcal metrology systems can be Integrated on a smgle chip We report the reahzatlon of key components of such photo-ASICs usmg an mdustrual IC CMOS process We achieve photodlodes with an external quantum efficiency of 50-80% m the visible(More)
Research activity in chemical gas sensing is currently directed towards the search for highly selective (bio)chemical layer materials, and to the design of arrays consisting of different partially selective sensors that permit subsequent pattern recognition and multi-component analysis. Simultaneous use of various transduction platforms has been(More)
Two different unmodified mdustnal CMOS processes have been used for the mtegratlon of h&y mte-rdtgttated pn structures Under forward bias these pn Junctions emlt narrow-band mfrared bght at 1160 nm Hrlth an electncal-to-opt& power conversion e.tkency of typically 10e4 The same Junctions show broad-band vlslble-hght ermsslon between 450 and 800 nm m the(More)
The rst micromachined bimorph organic ciliary array with on-chip CMOS circuitry is presented. This device is composed o f a n 8 8 array of cells each having four orthogonally oriented actuators in an overall die size of 9:4mm 9:4mm. The polyimide based actuators were fabricated directly above the selection and drive circuitry. Selection and activation of(More)