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A sedentary lifestyle is a contributing factor to chronic diseases, and it is often correlated with obesity. To promote an increase in physical activity, we created a social computer game, Fish'n'Steps, which links a player's daily foot step count to the growth and activity of an animated virtual character, a fish in a fish tank. As further encouragement,(More)
Recent research has shown that rats exposed to repeated stress display enhanced morphine analgesia. This study examined the possible contribution of classically conditioned analgesia to this effect. First, drug-naive rats exposed to nine daily sessions of stress, each consisting of a single 45-s exposure to footshock, subsequently displayed enhanced(More)
A high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) system has been developed for the determination of nicotine and cotinine in allergenic extracts of tobacco leaf. This analysis showed eight allergenic extracts of tobacco (leaf and Mix) to have markedly different nicotine patterns. Cotinine, a photodegradation product of nicotine, was not detected.
The associative model of morphine tolerance predicts that established tolerance should be attenuated, i.e., extinguished, by placebo injections in the former morphine injection environment. The present study examined the effect of placebo sessions, with and without accompanying nociceptive stimulation, on the extinction of analgesic tolerance. In Experiment(More)
Even with good design, users' needs differ and users change over time. Users' own practices in designing external aids were studied in four domains: a focused analysis of how general aviation pilots remember to perform a task that is commonly forgotten, special activities performed by commercial airplane pilots, warnings and notes posted around copy(More)