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Teachers as Intellectuals: Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Learning
Foreword by Peter McLaren Editor's Introduction Introduction Rethinking the Language of Schooling Rethinking the Language of Schooling Toward a New Sociology of Curriculum Social Education in theExpand
Theory and Resistance in Education: A Pedagogy for the Opposition
Henry Giroux's latest book, Theory and Resistance in Education, marks a significant moment in the development of a radical theory of education. Giroux advances comprehensive and convincing critiquesExpand
Border Crossings: Cultural Workers and the Politics of Education
Since 1992, Border Crossings has showcased Henry Giroux's extraordinary range as a thinker by bringing together a series of essays that refigure the relationship between post-modernism, feminism,Expand
Pedagogy And The Politics Of Hope: Theory, Culture, And Schooling: A Critical Reader
Theoretical Foundations for Critical Pedagogy * Schooling and the Culture of Positivism: Notes on the Death of History * Culture and Rationality in Frankfurt School Thought: Ideological FoundationsExpand
Theory and resistance in education : towards a pedagogy for the opposition
Foreword by Paulo Freire Preface by Stanley Aronowitz Introduction: Educated Hope, Public Pedagogy and the Politics of Resistance Theory and Critical Discourse Critical Theory and EducationalExpand
Theories of Reproduction and Resistance in the New Sociology of Education: A Critical Analysis
In the past ten years radical educators have developed several theories around the notions of reproduction and resistance. In this article, Henry Giroux critically analyzes the major positions ofExpand
Neoliberalism, Corporate Culture, and the Promise of Higher Education: The University as a Democratic Public Sphere
In this article, Henry Giroux addresses the corrosive effects of corporate culture on the academy and recent attempts by faculty and students to resist the corporatization of higher education. GirouxExpand
On Critical Pedagogy
I. Introduction: II. Pedagogy as Cultural Politics III. Critical Pedagogy and the Politics of Youth: IV. Neoliberalism, Public Pedagogy, and the Legacy of Paulo Freire V. Does Critical Pedagogy HaveExpand
Cultural studies, public pedagogy, and the responsibility of intellectuals
Cultural studies seems to have passed into the shadows of academic interests, replaced by globalization and political economy as the new millennium's privileged concerns among left academics. Yet,Expand
Rewriting the Discourse of Racial Identity: Towards a Pedagogy and Politics of Whiteness
In this article, Henry Giroux places the study of Whiteness in a historical context, recognizing the various modes in which racial identity has been used by conservative ideologues and critical sch...