Henry A. Swett

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We undertook this project to integrate context sensitive computer-based educational and decision making aids into the film interpretation and reporting process, and to determine the clinical utility of this method as a guide for further system development. An image database of 347 digital mammography images was assembled and image features were coded. An(More)
ICON is a computer-based expert system being developed to help radiologists with the process of differential diagnosis. ICON focuses on the domain of lung disease as seen on a chest radiograph in patients with lymphoproliferative disorders. Rather than attempt to tell the radiologist what the diagnosis is, the system asks him or her to propose a diagnosis(More)
Revisions of the international criteria for neuroblastoma diagnosis, staging and response to treatment. 5 cations, obtained from a variety of authoritative sources [7-12]. It also contains image processing operators, based on those reported in the literature as successful for the segmentation and description of microcalcifications [13-16]. These are used in(More)
OBJECTIVE Many radiology information systems (RISs) installed during the 1980s have a user interface that is crude by today's standards. We explored improving this user interface by using the local processing power of the personal computer. In this article we describe a computer program that significantly enhances the ease of report retrieval by automating(More)
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