Henry A. Gleason

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The great collections of F. C. Lehmann in Colombia and Ecuador were rich in forms previously unknown to science and have furnished the types for many new species. His 1Y[elastomataceae were studied by Cogniaux and the new ones were in many cases definitely named by him and annotated in his own hand as undescribed species. Whether or not Cogniaux drew up(More)
Leandra granatensis Gleason, sp. nov. Secundiflorae: Fru tex 2-3 m. al~us, caulis parte superiore dense strigosa. Petioli validi 2-6 era. longi dense strigosi. Laminae membranaceae ovatae, in quoque jugo fere aequales, 18-23 cm. longae, 1013 cm. latae, aeuminatae, minute serrutatae, ciliatae, basi leviter cordatae, late truncatae, vel rotundatae ad basin(More)
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