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Data available on 230 periapical endodontic surgical specimens were studied. It was found that bacteria occurred in the periapical tissue very infrequently. In addition, there was no correlation between the presence of acute inflammatory cells and the presence or absence of pain. Granulomas with epithelium occurred in 61 out of 230 cases, while 14 of these(More)
Hand instrumentation of the root canal was compared with ultrasonic instrumentation in 20 maxillary premolars with 2 root canals. The buccal and lingual canals were alternately instrumented by the 2 techniques until they had reached clinically ideal conditions for filling. After mechanical preparation, an attempt was made to evaluate root shape and the(More)
The prime objective of this study was to develop and test a method of modelling the dental root canal system using a vinyl resin, type UCAR-VYHD. It also aimed to verify if the resin models allow a three-dimensional evaluation of those features of the pulpal morphology of human permanent mandibular incisor teeth, which might be associated with periodontal(More)
To study the influence of macrophages on the migration and distribution of lymphocytes in the spleen, macrophages were eliminated from the spleen of mice by injection of liposomes in which DMDP was encapsulated. This leads to an elimination of macrophages in both the red pulp and marginal zone of the spleen within 1-2 days. In these animals the distribution(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate and discuss the bactericidal effect of ultrasound when applied in the root canal of teeth with necrotic pulp and periapical lesions. Twenty newly extracted teeth were instrumented with an ultrasonic unit and K-files using 0.5% sodium hypochlorite as irrigating solution. Compacted debris and micro-organisms were(More)