Henrique Pacca Loureiro Luna

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In telecommunication and transportation systems, the uncapacitated multiple allocation hub location problem (UMAHLP) arises when we must flow commodities or information between several origin–destination pairs. Instead of establishing a direct node to node connection from an origin to its destination, the flows are concentrated with others at facilities(More)
We have worked with the local access network design problem with two cable technologies. This is an optimization problem in graphs that consists of linking an origin node to a set of terminal nodes which have a flow demand. There are also a set of Steiner or transshipment nodes which do not have demand. Each arc of the graph has two associated costs: a(More)
Blogs are becoming an important social tool. By means of blogs, bloggers share their likes and dislikes, express their opinions, report news and form groups related to some subjects. Thus, the available information on the Blogsphere can certainly helps in the creation of interesting applications in various domains, such as e-learning, e-commerce, and(More)